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3 Ways to Say Yes Rainier!


1. Post Something

YesRainier is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. Share your positive images, videos, comments or stories on your personal successes – How you said yes to making healthy and fun choices.

 @YesRainier      YesRainier

2. Use the Hashtag

When you post your pics and stories, remember to include #yesrainier so others can find your news easily when they plug in #yesrainier into a search engine or social media search engine.

#yesrainier Dog and Cat - Bahamas, Summer 2015

#yesrainier Dog and Cat – Summer Vacation 2015

3. Use the logo

In your email signature, on your pics and videos.

HowWeSayYes_Logo_WhiteworangefillI say yes to a healthy future. #YesRainier

HowWeSayYes_Logo_OrangeI say yes to camping under the stars. #YesRainier

or make up your own….


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