It’s Time To Say Yes Rainier



The ‘How We Say Yes’ campaign focuses on how students and their families are triumphing over the many challenges young people face. In our digital age, information and opportunities are easily accessible, which makes this an exciting period but also a time to be savvy about making choices that align with the kind of life you want.

#YesRainier builds on possibilities. By sharing stories, we’ll create a database of ideas, goals, life situations that all come about through ultimately living a healthy lifestyle. We’ll highlight the ‘rewards’ teens get, from being a successful athlete to making it through graduation and beyond.

After successfully launching the Parents Matter campaign in the summer of 2014, Rainier Community Cares wanted to develop a new approach that reached out to young people. This time, they chose to work with a marketing company, SmartMeme Studios, to guide them through the process. The result is this #YesRainier personalized online campaign that appeals to those students who want to stand up and take pride in themselves and their community.